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Half in the Bag

A body heat retention system designed to keep you warm, yet leave your hands free. Great for hunting, fishing, stadium events, and more.


Dairy towels, calf coats, and assorted apparel are low in price yet above standard in quality. Keep your Dairy running smooth with these great products.facebook-logo


A self serve, self cooled, stand alone, beverage server which holds up to 96 ounces of your favorite beverage. What else could you ask for?facebook-logo

Weed Razer

Effective lake weed control products. Weed Razers produces a full line of pond rakes and lake weed removal tools to easily enhance your waterfront. facebook-logo

Hard Nosed Sign

There’s no question that this highly visible sign will make people think twice before they cross the fence.


With surrounding food and bedding your H2O Whole will create the ideal location for viewing deer and a wide variety of wildlife. Bring the animals where you want them!facebook-logo

IVy Bag

The IVy Bag makes it easy for you to transport liquid where you need it, when you need it!

Jenlis Products

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Half in the Bag

Stay Warm with Half in the Bag

Calf Coat

Affordable, Ruggedly Constructed Coat


Self Cooled, Stand Alone, Beverage Server

Weed Razer

Aquatic Lake Weed Cutter

Hard Nosed Sign

No Trespassing Sign

Perfect Towel

The Perfect Towel

What People Think Of Our Products

“When the game was over, and we had to get out of our bags, we could really notice how cold the air was outside! I would say they kept us warm. They worked great! We’ll definitely be using them again the next time we need to sit out in the cold!”

“We feel BetterMilk’s microfiber towels are the best quality towels we have used. They were very soft when we first recieved them and they have remained soft. On some towels the edges fray and the towels break down shortly after. We have not seen this on the BetterMilk towel.”

“They are extremely convenient for both the customers and the servers. The beer stays colder in the HOPR than it does in the keg itself. It’s a great way to bring the party to your table and adds new meaning into “pour me a cold one”. Every bar should have these!”

“We received our Weed Razor yesterday and went right to work. It was AMAZING! One of the best items I ever bought. It worked so well, I did not want to stop. WOW! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.”

About Jenlis

Jenlis is a product development company. We specialize in establishing and building brands in specialty markets. Our mission is to develop unique, high quality items that stand above the competition and compel our customer to tell everyone they know how pleased they are they have one of our products!