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H2O Whole

$329.00 $199.00


Product Description

Purchase the H2O Whole with the IVy Bag for the perfect wildlife water resource in your backyard or favorite hunting spot!


The H2O Whole (pronounced “water hole”) is designed to create water sources that attract and hold wildlife. Proudly made in America, this 150-gallon reservoir gives hunters an alternative to expensive, labor-intensive tactics like food plots and land manipulation. Instead, the H2O Whole allows one person to manage a property on a smaller budget and without the use of heavy machinery.


With its durable construction and convenient ramp and stairs, the H2O Whole effortlessly bears the weight of larger animals like cattle, making it a game changer for farmers as well. It provides easy access for all types of critters—both big and small—regardless of water level. So, whether you’re tending cattle or tracking deer, it will quickly become your most valuable asset.


  • Constructed with durable, high-density polyethylene
  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Large-capacity reservoir holds 150 gallons of water
  • Ramp and steps for convenient access to water
  • Designed to fit inside pickup truck beds and most popular UTVs
  • 10-year UV protection guarantee
  • Backed by lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects

Additional Information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 56 x 56 x 21 in