How to Get Rid of Pond Weeds

If you're struggling with unruly pond weeds and rampant aquatic vegetation growth, you're not alone. The battle to maintain a clear and inviting pond or lake can be overwhelming. We’re here to help you learn how to get rid of pond weeds quickly and effectively!

Our industry-leading pond tools are designed to ease the burden of pond and lake weeds removal.

Pond and Lake Weed Cutters

Why spend countless hours hacking away at weeds when you can achieve remarkable results in a fraction of the time? A lake weed cutter is a must-have for any pond owner, allowing you to slice through your lake and pond weeds in just minutes. Weed Razers save you time, effort, and frustration!

The industry-leading Weed Razer pond weed cutters feature a unique V-shaped design with razor-sharp blades, made for slicing through just about any type of rooted aquatic vegetation such as milfoil, lily pads, pond weeds, and even cattails.

Effortlessly launch the pond weed cutter into the water 30 feet or more from the shore, reaching even the farthest corners of your waterbody. The cutter will sink straight to the bottom, and as you pull it back towards you, the cutter will shear off the weed at the base. A great solution for shoreline vegetation as well as submerged pond weeds.

When used properly, our aquatic weed cutters are a safe, chemical-free, effective method to control lake and pond weeds. Our pond weed cutters come in a variety of sizes:

  • The Weed Razer Express is compact and lightweight and cuts a 30” wide path, making it ideal for smaller spaces and dock areas.
  • The Weed Razer Original is a popular all-around weed cutter, cleaning a 48" wide path with each toss.
  • The Weed Razer Pro comes pre-assembled with adjustable blade settings. It cuts a path up to 62” wide, making quick work of excessive aquatic weeds. Adjust the blade to as little as 30” – perfect for dense stands of vegetation or narrow spaces around docks.

Pond and Lake Rakes

Once you've cut your pond weeds, the next step in how to get rid of pond grass and weeds is to remove the cut vegetation from the water with a pond rake. Vegetation, if not removed, will decompose and lead to muck accumulation, which will only fuel future weed growth.

In addition to removal, rakes dig and pull weed stems and roots from the bottom, slowing or eliminating re-growth. Pond and lake rakes are essential pond care tools needed to remove weeds from pond shorelines.

  • The Weed Raker lake and pond rake is the ultimate aquatic weed control tool, featuring the longest teeth and widest rake head in the industry. This multipurpose aquatic weed rake allows you to harvest your cut weeds, clean your beach, root-up weeds, and remove muck.
  • The Razer Rake, the first collapsible aluminum lake rake, is ideal for lakeshore maintenance, pond cleaning, and landscaping. The razor-sharp teeth make it perfect for digging, cutting, and mechanically removing weeds, algae, muck, and debris. When collapsed, it takes up less space than a shovel and significantly less space than other aquatic rakes.

Pond Muck Control

Aquatic weed removal is hard work. If you want to maintain that weed-free shoreline, you'll need to take proactive measures against future weed growth and muck accumulation.

Consider the innovative Muck Razer, an underwater mower equipped with hooked teeth designed to effectively remove stubborn pond weeds and stir up debris. The Muck Razer also agitates the muck at the pond or lake bottom, infusing it with oxygen and quickly breaking muck.

For additional removal of pond sludge and muck, add our leading beneficial bacteria treatment, KleerMuck. It removes up to 24” of pond much each year!